The basics...

John Payne is the author of the novel collections Apostles of Sera, The Blue Sky Chronicles, and Art of Zafira. Influences for his writing come from literature, gaming, movies, and the various life journeys he has been privileged to experience. Within his works, you may encounter humorous situations, strange creatures, fast-paced action, badass ladies, and sometimes a message or two.

    John’s current storylines belong to the science fiction and fantasy genres. He enjoys the notion of opposites colliding. A possible future could echo the past, a terrifying situation might spawn courage, and a battle-hardened warrior may discover solace. John mixes fantasy with reality, meshes monsters with the mundane, and employs copious quantities of oxymorons in his works.

    Outside of writing, John enjoys sketching, crafting, product design, and digital media. He resides in Southern California, where he is employed by day as an engineer.

On being a writer...

I treat writing in much the same way as I do other crafts. You begin with ideas that you've written down over time, you make some sketches, you sleep on them some, and then you jump write in! ;)

    An important thing to remember is to have an outline, especially if you want to write confidently and enjoy all the little things such as character quirks and scenery. Start general and then get specific.