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Author notes

Apostles of Sera was my first book/series although it was published second. My writing career began after I graduated from college and was job hunting. This was during the Great Recession so things were going pretty slowly for me and I needed an escape while living at home again with my parents (even though I love them).

    Apostles of Sera originated from a variety of sources, most notably, Claymore by Norihiro YagiOther influences such as the monsters came from Aliens while the languages and environments hail from Louisiana to Germany and even Japan. My own history with bowmaking and camping in the woods also feature here.  

    This is the story that made me fall in love with writing.

There are terrors in the shadows. Creatures of darkness stalk humanity. They possess no regard for life as the purity of nature has been driven from them. They are tainted beings.

    The Seran peninsula lies in peril. The threat yet rises.

    A handful of mysterious warriors stand against this fell threat. These fighters are fearless and deadly, possessing skills unmatched by mortal men. Feared by some yet the shield for all, these hunters are wardens of the night.

    But strength does not come freely nor power without price. For in order to challenge such evil, one must first join with the darkness.